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Adrienne Hall-Phillips, PhD

Interactive Qualifying Projects

A Plan to Improve the Internet Presence of Commonside Community Development Trust

Commonside Community Development Trust

Fong, Thomas, Redding, Dominic Patrick, de Lima, Juan Pablo, and Brunelle, Mckenzie Cecile

Designing a Prototype to Promote Mental Health Awareness

Xin Foundation

Tang, Bryson Michael, Oldridge, Eamon Sean, Pan, Kristy, and Santacreu, Michelle

Developing a Web-Based Academic Help Resource for Students


Swanson, Mark Alan, Huie, Briana Nicole, Merlin, Max T, and Fleming, Robert Howard

Development of Entrepreneurial Service Platforms in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Chuangchao Investment Ltd

Yang, Yize, Ninesling, Trevor A., Isabelle Ting, Yu Sum, and Mui, William

Feasibility Study of the Regeneration of Lot's Ait

London Borough of Hounslow Council

Donaghey, Patrick, Bielecki, Andrzej J, Sziy, Rhaine Alexander, and Hanshaw, Megan Anna

Future Transport in Lambeth

London Borough of Lambeth

Jones, Timothy Liam, Weeks, Connor James, Dolma, Tsering, and Carley, Samuel James

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

WPI Office of Multicultural Affairs

Johnson, Rebekah Grace, Berry, Jonathan Ross, and Peguero, Christian

Green Fuels for Maritime Vessels and their Carbon Impacts

U.S. Coast Guard

Drapeau, Alison, MacAllister, Molly, and Kelly, Michaela

Improvement Plan: Recommendations for the ASEE Hub


Odell, Jason, Moore, Jacob, Schmitt, Benjamin, and Buasai, Sirut

Improving the Visibility of Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary

Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary

Brodin, Joshua, Faust, Jessica, and Smith, Kristen

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in E-commerce

Smart Research Institute

Zhang, Lile, Seeto, Benjamin Thomas, Chen, Xiaowei, and Caouette, Hunter

Investigation into Reliability of the Jubilee Line

CPC Project Services

Bailey, Marianna Clair, Kaparos, Yiannis, Agolli, Jack Arnis, and Jayapurna, Errando Berwin

LGBTQIAP+ Insights and Policy

Linzo, Patricia Dominique, DeJesus, Christopher Alexis, and Bunyea, Leo Ryan

Marketing Montessori: Recommendations for Increasing Enrollment at Yimi Children's House

Yimi Children's House Montessori School

Whittles, Emily A., Finley, Matthew, Dan Tran, Phan Linh, and Sharma, Parima

Marketing Plan: Recommendation of Amino's Computers

Amino Network

Ding, Hansen, Gamache, Michaela, Kayastha, Rimsha, and Jin, Yangyang

Measuring Patent Examination Consistency at the United States Patent and Trademark Office

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

Comenzo, Gabriel, Larrabee, Harmoni, Munroe, Margaret, and Noris, Rebecca

Mentoring in the British Museum's International Training Programme

British Museum

Bresnahan, Patrick M, Aranda, Miguel Angel, Sullivan, Amanda M, and Chavez Guerrero, Juan Carlos

Municipality Solar Power Guidelines

New Bedford Wind Energy Center/Mayor's Office

Koenen, Liam Brendan, Beauregard, Jason Steven, and Foley, Kyle Bryan

Plymouth Long Beach Erosion

Dept. of Marine and Env. Affairs, Plymouth, MA

Doherty, Kaitlin Delaney, Holmes, Nicole Ann, and Wood, Cody H

Promoting Leash Compliance in National D.C. Parks

National Park Service

Cavallaro, Christopher, Tanguay, Mitchel, Hinds-Williams, Jada, and Rashkovskii, Misha

Revitalising the Design Museum’s Handling Object Collection

Design Museum

Valla, Kaitlyn Kathleen, Thompson, Natalie, Schooler, Benjamin, and Maio, Nicholas

Risks of 3-D Printing Pens

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Haboub, Khalil, Bach, Carter, Pelletier, Cameron, and Magnotta, Grace

State-backed Disinformation on Social Media

Atlas Public Policy

Fabela, Alessandra, Wander, Finn, Joseph, Yveder, and Grady, Dylan

Storying Climate Change


Marko, Jake Andrew, Townley, Kelley, Daly, Daire, and Watkins, Benjamin S.

WorkMyWay: An Interactive Qualifying Project


Leaf, Ryan Joseph, Wang, Xuanzhe, Webber, Ellyn Marjorie, and Richardson, Hanne Marie

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