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Adrienne Hall-Phillips, PhD

Major Qualifying Projects

Analysis of stigma towards the mental health discussion via social media

J. Berry, R. Johnson, C. Peguero

Designing, Building, and Managing an autonomous boat and its transatlantic crossing attempt

D. Rodriguez

Establishing a solar power initiative : Some guidelines for municipalities in Massachusetts

J. Beauregard, K. Foley, L. Koenen,

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Exploring calming activities for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults

R. Wailes, A. Nakahara, M. Piziak

Hardware Vulnerability tool

V. Harrison, J. Collard

Market Analysis for high power LED

Z. Karalis, A. Davis, B. Goncalves, C. Lyles

Pregnant women's experiences in the workplace : Thematic analysis and recommendations for improvement

A. Danielson

WorkMyWay ; An Interactive Qualifying Project

R. Leaf, H. Richardson, E. X. Wang, X. Webber

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