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Adrienne Hall-Phillips, PhD

This course develops analytic approaches for assessing the various aspects of strategy such as the competitive environment, the stakeholders, ethical implications, investor motivation, and operational execution that are necessary to create a complete marketing plan. 

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This course discusses the theory and practice of digital marketing and its role in building relationships and, ultimately, driving sales. It examines digital technologies and their impact on business models, the marketing mix, branding, communication strategies, and distribution channels.

MKT 565

Digital & Social Media Marketing

In development

Coming soon...

MKT 4030

Marketing Strategy

My three principles: 1) approach teaching from a relevant & experiential mindset; 2) appreciate the social learning environment by allowing students to learn organically from textbooks, cases, articles, pop culture, & others; and 3) foster a classroom that is dynamic in landscape & learning style, and full of student engagement.





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